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Stewed chicken 330 ML

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Chicken meat is one of the most consumed in the world. This meat gives us proteins of high biological value, important vitamins (folic acid and B3) and minerals. It is a bird low in fat and calories and rich in protein, which makes it ideal for maintaining weight. Chicken protein is excellent for growth and muscle development. The chicken is rich in amino acid called tryptophan, which gives you a feeling of comfort after eating it. In fact, if you feel depressed, eat chicken. This will increase serotonin levels in the brain thereby improving our mood

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Puntos PVE

Poulet, eau, oignon, carotte, tomate, sel, acidulant (agrume), huile d'olive, amidon de maïs, brandy, sel, ail, poivre, laurier et épaississant (gomme guar).

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